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East Croydon is a major hub of the national railway transport system, with frequent fast services to central London, Brighton and the south coast.

The town is unique in Greater London for its Tramlink light rail transport system.

A charter issued by King Coenwulf of Mercia refers to a council that had taken place close to the monasterium (meaning minster) of Croydon.

An Anglo-Saxon will made in about 960 is witnessed by Elfsies, priest of Croydon; and the church is also mentioned in Domesday Book.

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Crog was, and still is, the Norse or Danish word for crooked, which is expressed in Anglo-Saxon by crumb, a totally different word. This term accurately describes the locality; it is a crooked or winding valley; in reference to the valley that runs in an oblique and serpentine course from Godstone to Croydon." Anderson refuted a claim, originally cited by Andrew Coltee Ducarel, that the name came from the Old French for "chalk hill", because the name was in use at least a century before the French language would have been commonly used following the Norman Invasion.

Croydon appears in Domesday Book (1086) as Croindene, held by Archbishop Lanfranc.

Its Domesday assets were: 16 hides and 1 virgate; 1 church, 1 mill worth 5s, 38 ploughs, 8 acres (3.2 ha) of meadow, woodland worth 200 hogs. The church had been established in the middle Saxon period, and was probably a minster church, a base for a group of clergy living a communal life.

The church and the archbishops' manor house occupied the area still known as "Old Town".

The archbishops used the manor house as an occasional place of residence: as lords of the manor they dominated the life of the town well into the early modern period, and as local patrons they continue to have an influence.

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