Single party landshut 2013

"Internet of Things (Io T) is the next innovation wave that is going to reinvent every industry of our world, with 50 billion Io T devices expected to be deployed by 2020.

Sil Terra has been very focused in developing technology roadmap and IPs to help our customers design critical Io T building blocks such as microcontrollers (MCU), sensors (MEMS), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Environmentally vigilant, Sil Terra delivers award-winning, world-class performance to its customers seeking flexible capacity, custom technologies, competitive advantages and around the clock customer support. Starting commercial production in 2001, the company's headquarters and factory are located in Malaysia's Kulim Hi-Tech Park, with sales and marketing offices in San Jose (California) and Hsinchu (Taiwan).

When American soldiers from the 42nd Rainbow Division arrived here at the town hall on Marienplatz on the afternoon of April 30, 1945, it marked the end of the Nazi era in the ‘Capital of the Movement’ and the beginning of the confrontation with what Thomas Mann called the city’s “tattered past” which is still reflected in the way the city chooses to remember it.

Sil Terra's 0.18-micron ULL technology offers its thin gate CMOS devices with extreme low leakage current, which is 95% less than the generic 0.18-micron CMOS device leakage current.He had also served as "The Führer's Commissioner for National Health." At the 1936 Nuremberg Rally, he discussed the racial laws.In 1937 when he was promoted to SA Obergruppenführer before dying at only 50 for reasons unknown.Approximately 45% of the city's buildings had been destroyed, including more than 85,000 residential units which meant that 300,000 Munich residents were left homeless.At the Marienplatz the Nazi column encountered a large crowd which was listening to an exhortation of Julius Streicher, the Jew-baiter from Nuremberg, who had rushed to Munich at the first news of the putsch.

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